Big Head

Vital Statistics  

Brewery: Burleigh brewing co. 

Beer: Big Head - no carb beer

Style: Pale

Origin: Burleigh heads, Queensland, Australia 

Alc. Vol: 4.2%

Bottle Vol: 500mL 

Standard Drinks: 1.1 

Approx price a bottle (AUD) : $ 4.00

Tasting notes

You have to invest
a little tongue time


The first thing I see when I look at Big Head is not the colour of the beer, but the awesome looking bottle label. I think with a label this funky it demands to be spoken of first. Let's be honest, that's the first impression, but then you see something that has an even bigger impression. You notice the words "no carb beer" no carb beer? Do my eyes deceive me? Now these words can mean one of two things. 1: this beer might not actually taste like a normal beer and you'll never drink or speak of it again, shunning it, banishing it from your existence for the rest of time. 

Or 2: this beer, against all odds could actually taste like a normal beer, it could open up the holy grail of drink a six pack whilst keeping you're six pack. Isn't that what no carb beer means? Could I drink to my heart's content whilst not having to run 5km per sip of beer to work off those excess carbs. 

Oh yes: the colour of the beer is golden. Beautifully golden.


So I guess I should explain something here. This tasting template was created by my good friend Charlie Cooper who does a few reviews on the crafty drop blog. I can hear him saying to me that I need to explain the smell of the beer. That smell accounts for 97.3521% of the taste of the beer and is very important...etc etc.

But as you most properly have guessed I'm not as well versed in the beer reviews as my friend Mr Charlie. What I can do however is give you the normal, everyday lament mans view of a beer. So no big words, no fancy descriptions, just the flawed impression of what I think about the beer in question. So with that said I'll say the smell of this beer smells like is beer.

Taste and Overview: 

So I guess this is where we get down to brass knuckles. Is it number 1- does it actually taste like a normal beer or is it number 2- do you think you're drinking stale water. 

To put it simply, it's  number 1.  I must say I was surprised. It does really taste like a fully rounded beer. Although not at first. What do I mean by that? Well this beer isn't going to stand up and slap you in the face with texture and taste. It's one of those beers you have to invest a little tongue time in. Let your taste buds coax and caress the taste out of it. But when the taste appears and comes forward it's buttery, smooth and silky. I reminds me of drinking a Chardonnay in the hunter on summers day with a hint if freshly cut grass. Not the first thing I would think of for a craft beer, but then it really suits this beer. It does it in a hopsy way, a real beer way. I think this beer is true to itself. It's not trying to be something it's not. At the end of the day it's a 'no carb beer' that actually doesn't leave a horrible after taste in your mouth, although it's on the light side of the scale, it's on the right side of the scale for what it is. I think that's pretty impressive and smooth. Just like its taste.