For the children!


Brewery: Sail & Anchor 

Beer: Boa’s Bind

Style: Amber ale

Origin: Fremantle, VIC, Australia

Alc. Vol: 5%

Bottle Vol: 345mL 

Standard Drinks: 1.4 

Approx price a bottle (AUD) : $ 4.00




My favourite beer when I was a Londoner was a little tipple called Winter Warmer. It was a beer that only came out for a few months a year. Grown and brewed up the road in Kew Gardens, it was only available at a few pubs around where I lived. Being my favourite ale, it gave me the best excuse to visit my local at every spare moment. Waiting and watching to see if it would be on tap. This of course was to the dismay of my then girlfriend, now wife. But you can't argue with the reasoning. "Babes, it's a once in a lifetime (year) opportunity. It could be on tap today and gone tomorrow. I would never stand between you and your love." A bit dramatic, but you get the idea. And, funnily enough, I find myself in the same situation now. But it's much much better. Because I have to write craft beer reviews for Crafty Drop, I'm forced to go to local craft beer stores at every spare moment. "Babes, all I'm saying is, this is my job. It's not like I'm willingly going into every craft beer store and buying beer. It takes dedication to taste all this beer. All I'm trying to do is create some sort of future for my family." Again, a bit dramatic, but you get the point. 

Well today, in my building-a-future-for-my-children job, I'm tasting beer that reminds me of that London Winter Warmer. 


Craft beer

Boa's Bind is dark ruby in colour with speckles of golden. As I pour it into a glass, I find myself swirling it around lightly. Why I am swirling it? I have no idea. Then I realise. It looks like a really expensive cognac. And as I swirl it, I can see its red heart pumping within. It may also remind me of an expensive cognac because I'm drinking it out of my beer glass which, funnily enough, come to think of it, might actually be a cognac glass.  I move on to the non-common Crafty Drop common practice and match it up to my Pantone book. Pantone solid 1675 it is. 


Thick creamy, coffee sweet, dusty candy.  Let's not beat around the bush. That sounds great, nearly as great as it tastes. It's a little bit of stout. In between a lager and a Guinness. Has a lush and giving sticky after taste. It reminds me of sitting in an English pub, shoes sticking to slightly we-will-never-admit-that-it's-actually-damp carpet. I can smell the fireplace, I can hear the chatter. Yes, this beer reminds me of my favourite tipple. Not only that it's a very giving beer. It's giving 5% right now. I can feel that lovely warm feeling rising to my head and my heart.  

All I can say is that I miss my English ales. I miss them very much. But at least there is a glimmer of hope now. A sparkle in the distance. A slight silver lining. I might have to test this one again. For the children, of course.