19 Craft beer instagramers that will make you stand up and walk to the nearest pub.

I've spent the last month drooling over my phone looking through every instagram account with anything to do with craft beer. Now I've not just gone for the run-of-the-mil list here. I seen millions upon millions of instragrammers that just post an average shot of a beer with some weird 3 word referral as to what it takes like. MILLIONS!

The list below are not that. They have put thought into what their account is about. They offer something unique, something different, something sexy, something drool worthy and even something disturbing. They are the weird, wacky and wonderful of craft beer on instgram. 

NOTE: I didn't take that into consideration - content was king here. So in no particular order.

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1. Beer Yoga:  @beeryoga  

BEST BITS: Every mans fantasy. Learn about yoga and beer at the same time. Crazy copy cats.  

melbourne craft beer yoga
Sydney Craft beer
Auckland craft beer yoga

2. Beers with a view @beerswithaview

BEST BITS: See the best of the world + beer.  

Sydney Craft beer view
Melbourne craft beer view
Auckland craft beer view

3. MBEACH717 @mbeach717 

BEST BITS: Threatrical stop notch shots.  

Sydney craft beer sexy
Melbourne craft beer sexy
Auckland craft beer senxy

4. Louie Baton @louiebaton 

BEST BITS: Lego! Geeky and leaving you wanting to see more. 


New Zealand craft beer
Australia craft beer
Lego craft beer

5. The Beer Wench @thebeerwench 

Ashley V. Routson is a craft beer evangelist 

BEST BITS: Has a way with words(she's a author). Sandwich porn (she like food) Beer (She makes it) 

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 5.14.35 pm.png
Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 5.34.24 pm.png
new zealand beer

6. One nation under hops  @onuhofficial

BEST BITS: Thoughtful reviews. Amazing shots. I want that - merchandise 

Sexy ozzy beer
hops and barley new zealand
Hops australia

7. brewtographer @brewtographer 

BEST BITS: Sexy shots of craft beer. Beautiful shots of craft beer. Amazing shots of craft beer 

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 12.20.53 pm.png
rare australian craft beer
rare NZ craft beer

8. The beer Frontier @thebeerfrontier  

BEST BITS: Lovely shots. Good teacher. Honest ratings  

i love craft beer
NZ craft beer
Aus craft beer

9. Beer trucks @beertrucks 

BEST BITS: Design on the move. You want to spot one now.  

craft beers
crafty beers
beer trucks

 11. Draft magazine @draftmag

BEST BITS: Great shots. Intelligent reviews. Huge amount of good content. 

micro brewery australia
draft mag australia
Draft magazine australia

12. Good beer hunting @goodbeerhunting  

BEST BITS: Informative. Great shots. Well presented  

good craft beer
great craft beer
Ozzy great craft beer

13. Sort of candid @sortofcandid  

BEST BITS: Tiffany. Making craft beer even sexier. Fashion and drinking tips.  

north island craft beer
Sexy craft beer
NZ best craft beer

14. Beer advocate @Beeradvocate 

BEST BITS: Informative and a good eye into the world of beer 

cheap craft beer
South island craft beer
buy craft beer

15. Beer cap choppers @beercapchoppers 

BEST BITS: Beercycling - good for the environment. Inventive. Arty 

buy australian craft beer
Buy new zealand craft beer
Craft beer present

16. Craft Beer sucks @craftbeersucks

BEST BITS: Nothing. Nothing at all. But somehow I always watch these disturbing little clips.  

i love craft beer
Craft beer
Craft beer killer

17. Craft beer hat club @craftbeerhatclub 

BEST BITS: Hat porn. You’ll want to one. Fashion with a good cause. 

Craft beer hats
Craft beer club
craft beer subscription

18. Beer selfie @beerselfie  

BEST BITS: You could have your 15 sec's of fame. Something fun. People watching is great fun. 

Australian craft beer club
New zealand craft beer subscription
sydney beer club

19. Beer anyone @Beeranyone 

BEST BITS: Beer with a view. Great sights and beers from around the world. 

Wellington craft beer
north island craft beer club
Wellington beer club