To sexy to drink?

It's no secret that I love design, art and branding. At the end of the day it's the industry I've spent most of my time. It's also one of the reasons why I love craft beer. The craft beer industry has opened up the traditional branding of beer to a whole new world. A modern, grungy, off the commercial track world. Craft beer design adds flavour and tone to the industry.

Below are some of the best designed craft beers I can find- MY TOP 5 - for the time being!  In a week this list will most probably be redundant - thats just the speed that this industry is moving.  


Forth Worth’s Rahr & Sons Brewing Company and Garland’s Lakewood Brewing Company have combined efforts to make a limited-edition beer called DFW: A Collaboration of Two Breweries.

The designer on this limited edition beer is Nathan Walker. Have a look below.. love how the illustration works across all the bottles.


It's hard to choose which of Garage Project's beer designs are best. All of them rock... and when i say all of them. I mean all of them! However these two done by Tim Gibson are awesome.

Poster design

Poster design


I've shared some of these shots before.. and there's a reson for it. 7 Fjell Brewery focuses on quality at every stage. The designs for their range of beer speaks to just this. Super smart. Super sexy. 


From the big to the small. Very small. Micro small. Once off small. Alexis Malin brewed this beer and designed this beer. Pretty impressive. I love the fact that it's a dark beer in a white bottle. 


Swee Ale, Summer Ale and Pacific Ale are a limited edition beers by BlackBay Brewery & CO. These designs are simple. Simply beautiful. Modern and sleek. Plus very Australian.