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Who's doing all the hard work


We're a small company with a big heart. At the moment we are just two fella's and a fish.

Long time friends and even longer time beer drinkers.


Mr Charlie Cooper

Favorite sport: Cricket ideally a 5 day test, allowing for beer sampling breaks. 

Favorite Craft Beer at the moment:  8 Wired - "Superconductor"

Craft Beer C.V: Brewed his first craft beer in a cupboard, in 2008. Always attempts to try every beer on offer for "proper comparison" , even at beer conventions.  Has a thing for bitter and IPA, and works tirelessly to find the best antipodean examples to imbibe.

Any other comments: Beer was a key part of the formation of civilization so why not drink some?

Mr Thomas Dirnberger

Favorite sport: Fly fishing - If that could be considered a sport

Favorite Craft Beer at the moment: Murray's Whale Ale  - It's on special at the local.

Craft Beer C.V: Beer pong champion of '95. Brewed his first Craft Beer in 2004.  Spent the last 14 years learning the wise ways of beer tasting and crafting a mature and precise pallet. Has made his way though three quarters of all Aussie Craft beer.    

Any other comments:  I love 12 o' clock. It's the time of the day when it's ok to order a beer. 


Been with the company for 4 months. 

Favorite sport: Swimming 

Favorite Craft Beer at the moment: T-total, prefers water.

Craft Beer C.V: Has a bottle of Epic Lager  in his tank

Any other comments: Sam declined to comment.